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Monday, December 18, 2017

365 days in 20 M? Opportunities CHALLENGE!

October 7, 2010 by Pat  
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Blade376’s Video: www. youtube. com Find me on the following websites! 2. Channel: www. youtube. com GeeksLikeYou Channel: www. youtube. com Twitter: Twitter. com Daily Booth: Booth Daily. com Facebook: www. Facebook. com My 20 Goals: 1 Remove the second Get a girlfriend 3rd Become a partner on YouTube fourth Moving to America for? R 3-6 months 5 See friends going out more 6 Learn to cook properly 7. Get creative 8th Place a “collaboration” Month 9th Write a Web-Series 10 Visit at least one meeting before British YouTube Vidcon 11th 2011 Get creative with my hair (styles / colors, etc) 12 Get a tattoo 13th Competitions start / shout out battles 14th to my videos I think my 2nd Channel updated as much as m? Resembled 15th Daily Booth once t? Resembled 16th Vlog longer any public 17th Make at least one person laugh a day 18th Buy my family at least one beautiful gift nes f? R 19th Christmas More helpful, other 20th Do not puke!

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